Born in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, GINA GRNW is a zero-waste studio that has made it its mission to layer its fashion with a response to the social and environmental matters of our time: working both as fashion brand and social business. The result is ecouture, a union of colourful, forward-thinking designs with an uncompromising ethical practice.

An antidote to fast fashion, the brand is the brainchild of Gina Grünwald, an upcoming Swiss designer in her 3rd year at leading London fashion school Central Saint Martins. With studios in London and Zurich, GINA GRNW is an international brand that works with a diverse group of collaborators. From conceiving our Kobzar Collection in a partnership with Ukrainian creatives and organisations, to working with stylists like Jacob K — most known for his work with Versace and Balenciaga — we strive for creativity that reflects a multitude of cultures.

As a social enterprise our aim is to battle the global, social, and environmental crises one sale at a time, committing to donate from every sale to a selection of effective charities and NGOs.

“I am a designer but more importantly I am an activist. Standing against injustice and pushing for positive change in social and environmental matters has always been part of the brand’s identity” — Gina Grünwald

A prime example of our commitment to sustainability are the signature Plex Bags. These handbags are made entirely of upcycled acrylic glass. The materials for these pieces are collected by Grünwald herself, who sources offcuts from local plexiglass factories in Zürich and then assembles the bags by hand. The GINA GRNW ethos of meshing the old with the new mirrors itself clearly in our current product range, where we mix the high-tech of laser technologies and 3D printing with the traditional craftswomanship of knitwear.

Photos by Hernandez Edgar