Marsh Zhinok

Marsh Zhinok is a prime example of a grassroots Ukrainian organisation making a meaningful difference for the protection of Ukrainian people. From providing shelter for displaced women and children in Lviv to providing medicine for the army, the organisation is committed to offering the necessary help to those affected by the war. GINA GRNW has also chosen Marsh Zhinok for its extensive and passionate work as a feminist organisation, standing up for women’s rights in Ukraine and around the world.

Founded by Olena Shevchenko, one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ and feminist activists in Ukraine, the organisation began as a feminist initiative. But with the war came a sudden shift: now they are working tirelessly to support people — especially women — affected by the Russian invasion. With over 40 volunteers, they are not only providing aid and shelter, but also offering a 24/7 hotline for psychological help for women and helping survivors of sexual assault.

100% of the proceeds collected will go directly to Marsh Zhinok. You can find more about them, and more ways to support them, on their Instagram or their Website.

Photos by Marsh Zhinok