At GINA GRNW we don't stay silent. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a violation of everything we stand for, and to be neutral in the face of this injustice was not an option.

The invasion is an attempt to erase Ukrainian identity. It is the culmination of a long-lasting oppression, an oppression that has been ignored for too long. So, in response to the war, our goal is to put Ukrainian identity in the spotlight.

The Kobzar Collection is a tribute to Ukrainian culture. To its history, its poetry, its dress, and much more. We hope that these three Plex Bags encourage you to look further into this culture, and to better understand what is at stake in this war.

Our founder, Gina Grünwald, conceived GINA GRNW as both a fashion brand and a social business. That means that our creativity never comes without a steadfast commitment to our values of equality, sustainability, and freedom. This has never been more true than with The Kobzar Collection: conceived for Ukrainian people, to uplift Ukrainian voices.

That's why we partnered with Marsh Zhinok, a grassroots Ukrainian feminist community organisation to whom we will donate all of our proceeds. With their transparency and dedication, we know that the money is going to make a tangible difference. And to bring the collection to life, we assembled a carefully curated team of predominantly Slavic creatives, making sure to only select Ukrainian models to be the face of the project.

The Kobzar Collection is named after Kobzar (“bard”), a renowned collection of poetry by Taras Shevchenko that can be found on the bookshelves of almost all Ukrainian households. We want to close our manifesto with his words:

Наша дума, наша пісня
Не вмре, не загине…
От де, люде, наша слава,
Слава України!

Our ancient song,
It will not die, it will not perish…
Where our people lie, so does our glory,
The glory of Ukraine!

Photos by Johann Kööp